turbo zone

Air Conditioner Turbo Zone

Need to cool down or warm up one area of your house quickly, or have a large gathering of friends over and need a bit more air conditioning than normal in the entertainment area?

We’ve designed our air control systems to cater to people with different needs, including those who love having friends over for dinners or parties. This is where the Turbo Zone function comes in handy. Although the system helps you to heat or cool only the rooms you are using, this feature of ZoneTouch and AirTouch allows the system to offer the benefit of directing more air to a specific area when you need it for a special occasion.

As the name implies, the result of using the Turbo feature changes the temperature of a zone quickly, and maintains it for as long as you want.

So now your whole family can enjoy individual temperatures no matter which part of the house you're occupying while you entertain friends.