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Air Conditioner Controllers

Keeping you in control, and looked after

An air conditioner controller like AirTouch or ZoneMaster opens so many more opportunities to you with your air conditioning installation.

This new modern technology lets you zone your air conditioning (that is, the capability to turn on or off the air or have different volumes of cool or warm air in different rooms in your house), monitor individual rooms’ temperatures, gives you a central point of control for your home’s ducted reverse cycle air conditioner, and most recently lets you have remote control for all of this from anywhere with clever smartphone or tablet apps.

Smart Technology and Smart Appearance 

The entire AirTouch line, and the ZoneTouch from the ZoneMaster series feature beautiful touch panels. These panels sleep when not in use, but as soon as you interact with them, light up with a familiar interface that makes sense straight away, and are the gateway to easy but comprehensive climate control in your house. Their intuitive interfaces are personable: You can rename and personalise the zones on them to suit you and your family.

With AirTouch you get the added benefit to control your set point temperature and mode of 1 or 2 separate air conditioning units (such as upstairs and downstairs) from one wall panel.

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Smart air conditioning controllers can also help look after you 

With new optional accessories like Wireless Individual Temperature Control Sensors, your controller can now monitor temperatures in different rooms and respond to changes by increasing or decreasing air flow. This is particularly useful because imagine if one side of your house receives a lot of warm sun, and the other side is in the shade. When the sun hits one part of your house, your controller can now have more air sent to the room where the temperature is rising, and not adversely affect the rooms already comfortable by sending unnecessary additional air. Learn more about Individual Temperature Control, a new feature available in AirTouch 3.

Great App Control 

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Now you can turn your smartphone or tablet into an always with you remote control and monitor for your home’s air conditioner. 

Controlling  your air conditioning with an app on your smartphone or tablet opens up so many more benefits: Not only can you turn on or off the system or adjust temperature and air flow from the couch or bed, but you can also do this remotely. Ever get to work and worry that you forgot to turn off the air conditioning before you left home that morning? Ever start your journey back home and want to have it turned on before you get there so you can walk into a cool house on a hot day?

With the AirTouch App you can. AirTouch connects to your home WiFi, and as long as your phone or tablet has an internet connection from WiFi or 3/4G, wherever you are in the world, you can check and control your air conditioning straight away.

Dedication of a Single System

There are many home automation systems out there that try to do it all. But sometimes this can make them a “Jack of All Trades” and without some of the truly useful features that provide comfort, efficiency, and open up so many more opportunities for air conditioning your home.

This is the thinking behind the AirTouch system: It doesn’t try to be a “Jack of All Trades” but is the Master of Air Control. At the end of the day, the climate in your home is so important, so why not use something dedicated to manage it?

Real Control

Sometimes it is the small things that make all the difference. AirTouch and ZoneTouch are engineered to really give you control of the airflow in different rooms down to small increments. AirTouch 3 can offer air adjustments of 5% increments in individual zones around your home. Learn more about the benefits of zoning your system.