How to Setup a Set Point Temperature Limit with AirTouch 5

How can I control a limit for the temperatures that my AirTouch 5 can be set to?

Part of the energy saving smarts with AirTouch 5 is the set point limit. Set Point Limit allows you to limit the set point of your AC unit. If you don’t want someone setting the cooling below 17°C or above 26°C for example, you can restrict the maximum and minimum temperature of each AC unit in your system. To setup Set Point limits, follow this support article.

Enter the Quick Menu from the top right of the AirTouch console, and select Settings.

Tap Smarts, and then Set Point Limit.

Set your preferred upper and lower set point limits.

Learn more about saving energy with the air conditioning, and how you can review your progress here.

This is great for Energy Savings

We’ve made it possible for you to set a temperature upper and lower limit to help prevent energy wastage with the air conditioning if someone in your household sets an extreme cooling or heating temperature that is unnecessary.

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