We Love Themes, and think You Will Too

Transform your living space into a seamless blend of style and technology with the AirTouch 5’s Themes feature, where personal expression meets smart climate control.

You’ve meticulously chosen the shade of your living room walls, hand-picked every cushion on the couch, and spent hours deciding on the perfect light fittings. Your home reflects your style, taste, and personality. So why should your AC Controller on the wall be any different? We don’t think it should be. Enter the AirTouch 5’s Themes feature, a game-changer in the world of home interiors and tech.

What’s So Special About the AirTouch 5 Themes?

Gone are the days when technological gadgets, especially something as utilitarian as an air conditioner controller, had to look bland and purely functional. The AirTouch 5 Smart air conditioning controller brings a delightful twist to the usual with its Themes feature, allowing users to customise the design of their wall panel to align with their style.

We like personalising other devices

Just think about it: we personalise every digital screen that we use daily, be it our phones, tablets, or computers. The colours, the wallpapers, even the icons, everything is tweaked to reflect what we love, who we are. If we put so much thought into personalising these devices, shouldn’t we also be able to add that personal touch to something that’s a permanent fixture in our homes?

Why Settle for Mediocre?

Building or renovating a home isn’t just about bricks and mortar; it’s a deeply personal experience. Every design element, from wall colours to the style of fittings, speaks to our preferences. We delight in selecting the right shade of paint, the perfect tile for the bathroom, or the ideal fabric for our curtains. With the AirTouch 5, that customisation now extends to your air conditioning controller. Why settle for a nondescript gadget on your wall when it can be a statement piece?

Tailoring the AirTouch Experience

Wondering how you can dive into the world of Themes? It’s simple! Access the Quick Menu, select Options, and tap on the Theme button. Whether you’re in the mood for light or dark, traditional or want a hint of the futuristic glow effect for the user interface elements, there’s a theme for every mood.

But the next step? The ability to upload your own photos or choose one from a curated collection to grace the wall panel. Imagine the controller displaying a cherished family portrait or a favourite holiday destination.

Suddenly, your smart home panel doesn’t just blend into your decor; it becomes an integral part of it. Note the screen will sleep after 30 seconds of inactivity.

As we often like to say, ‘We all have our own style.’ In a world where customisation is king, the AirTouch 5 proves that you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality. Whether you’re building, renovating, or just sprucing things up, remember: choose a controller that you can customise to match your home’s unique style.

So, next time someone visits and compliments your decor, don’t be surprised if your air conditioning controller steals some of the spotlight. After all, with AirTouch 5, it’s not just about controlling the temperature, it’s about setting the mood.

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