Bayside Air

AirTouch Specialist Installer

A Passion for Quality Air Conditioning Solutions

Staying cool in summer and keeping warm in winter in Brisbane is easier than you think…

With personalised air conditioning solutions and exceptional service, Bayside Air will get your home or office perfectly climate controlled so you can live and work in comfort, regardless of the season.

Bayside strives to build comfort, trust and loyalty with our strong customer base and we pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship in every project we’re involved in. Bayside know that everybody is different, and so is every home. So they offer a wide range of home air conditioners that can be tailored to suit every lifestyle, from those looking for single room comfort right through to whole of home solutions. Plus, they are specialists in the AirTouch smart home air conditioning controller.

Bayside Air understand the importance of affordability and our solutions are designed for your needs:

They offer sales, design, installation servicing and maintenance of all split systems and ducted air conditioners in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

Plus, they have the drive and excitement to work with residential customers, commercial builders and architects on any domestic or construction.

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