Outsmart Winter with Your Home Heating

So how can you outsmart winter and keep the cold outside?

Now we are into the winter months in Australia, let’s check out how smart climate control can keep you cosy. With a climate as diverse as Australia’s, it is good to know that AirTouch is just as clever in winter as it is in summer. Its features are just as useful during the freezing colder months as they are in the scorching summer months when it comes to keeping you comfortable and enjoying your time at home.

AirTouch controls ducted reverse cycle systems, and is just as clever in managing your AC Unit in heat mode as it is managing it in cool mode. When it is running in heat mode, the UI graphics change from blue to orange.

What are the benefits?

Zoning & App Control

With the AirTouch App in your hand, you can control everything to do with your home climate on your device conveniently from any room or even remotely, keeping an eye on the temperature at home, raising or lowering the target set point, and turning the heating on or off in different rooms. How great is that?

With AirTouch’s zoning capabilities, you only have to heat the rooms you are using and not the others. This helps prevent energy wastage.

With the latest AirTouch 5, you can also set different rooms to turn on or off by a timer. So the kids’ bedrooms can be warmed up for them when they get home without other parts of the house they may not being using, and then the rest of the home can be warmed up later when everyone else gets home.


With the AirTouch 5 App, the system senses family members’ locations and can turn the system off when they leave to help reduce energy wastage, or on again when they are heading back to make home nice and cosy for everyone when they step inside from the cold.

Weather Adaption

You can have your air conditioning adjust with the weather. AirTouch’s Weather Adaption feature helps you avoid wasting energy if a winter day doesn’t get too cold by automatically turning off the system, or adjusting the set point temperature within a comfortable range for you. It is smart tech designed with your comfort in mind!

Temp Alerts

AirTouch stays in touch with you via the app when you are out and about. You can set it to send you an alert if home is getting a bit cold. This is great for pet lovers as you can be sure the fur babies are not getting cold on a winter’s day because AirTouch can let you know if the home temperature has dropped below a certain level, and you can then use the app to warm it up again.

Voice Control

Imagine running in from the rain with your hands full with shopping or stuff from work. It can be a hassle to reach out to a panel on the wall or look for your phone. So, AirTouch has a great solution with voice control, integrated with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant. All you have to do is call out for the house to be warmed up.

Better Monitoring with Intelligent Temperature Sensor Tech

AirTouch 5 can monitor the temperatures throughout your home, instead of with just a single location which is often the case with other air conditioning controllers. Using optional add on wireless Intelligent Temperature Sensors (ITS) AirTouch keeps track of temperature changes in every room of your home and knows when one gets a bit too cold and sends extra warmed air just to where it is needed. This better monitoring helps provide more comfort to those where they need it most in your home.

Energy Monitoring

No one likes bill shock when the power bill comes in. With AirTouch 5 you can keep an eye on how you are using energy warming your house with the Energy Insights feature. You can track your set point (the temperature you set your climate control to run at) against the weather, see which rooms where warmed the most to identify wastage, and get an idea of what the runtime hours for the month may be based on your current usage.

All of this, and more, is why AirTouch 5 is Australia’s best smart air conditioning controller for your home this winter!

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