One Touch to Your Ideal Climate Control Scenario

One of those little things that makes climate control easier.

Have you tried out the Favourites tool on AirTouch 2 Plus or AirTouch 4? These smart controllers let you save your favourite climate control scenario at home and activate it with one tap of a button on the touch screen console or the AirTouch app.

You may find the Favourites tool useful while you and your family use different parts of your home and you want to save and apply scenarios quickly. At different times of the day during the week you may want a collection of different rooms  being air conditioned and others not, and instead of making a range of changes to zones, Favourites remembers the configuration for these different scenarios.

On a day when you are working from home you might want the study and kitchen on, so you could create a Favourite for Working from Home. For a Weekday evening you might want the living and bedrooms on, so again you could just create an air conditioning favourite for weekday evenings. 

To setup a Favourite configuration, tap the Quick Menu and choose Favourites. Enter in your desired configuration and give it a memorable name. That’s it! 

Now, whenever you want to activate the desired favourite, just open the Quick Menu and tap the shortcut button to that favourite and it will activate.

Sometimes, it is the clever little ideas that make things so much easier and comfortable.

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