One or more of my Air Conditioning Units is not Showing on the AirTouch System

One or more AC units have dropped from the control display and app. How to solve this?

AirTouch is meant to show all of the air conditioning units that it is connected to in your home to give you control of multiple ACs from one smart system. That’s one of the reasons it is a great choice for multi-story installations. If one of the AC units is no longer showing, this support article can help solve that for you.

An AC unit has dropped from the control display

The Affected AC Unit may not have Power

It is likely that the AC unit has disconnected because it is no longer powered. Check the isolator switch next to your outside fan unit of the affected AC is switched ON. Also, check that the AC circuit in your electrical switchboard is switched ON. Consult an electrician or AC installer if you need help with this.

The Affected AC Unit may not be wired correctly to AirTouch

This will require support from your AC installer, because it may be down to a wiring issue between AirTouch and the affected AC unit that needs fixing or incorrect dip switch settings on the unit gateway.

Your AC Installer will need to check the wiring, and dip switch settings on the AC unit gateway.

Your AC Installer can find the wiring diagrams, and necessary dip switch settings in the installer manuals.

The Affected AC Unit may be faulty

In this case, consult your AC installer or manufacturer’s support centre for further assistance.

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