My AirTouch Touch Screen is not Responsive, How can I fix this?

Fixing an unresponsive AirTouch touch screen console.

On a rare occasion, you may find that your AirTouch touch screen console is blank or the system overall is not responsive. In order to solve this, it may just need to be reset or undergo a power reboot. This support article explains how to do it without losing any of your settings or programs.

Option 1, Press and Hold the Power Button

On AirTouch 4, press and hold the power button on the lower right hand corner for 10 seconds.

If nothing happens, or if you have an AirTouch 2+ or AirTouch 5, press and hold the power button on the right hand side of the console for 10 seconds.

Option 2, Perform a Power Cycle

If Option 1 does not make touch screen console reboot and fix the issue, you’ll need to perform a power cycle to your air conditioning circuit. Perform a power cycle to the controller by turning off the AC circuit breaker or isolation switch normally found next to your outside fan unit for at least 30 seconds.

If there is still a problem, consult your air conditioning installer or electrician.

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