How to Set a Program with AirTouch 5

It is easy to program your home climate control with AirTouch 5.

With AirTouch 5’s all new program function, you can setup different rooms to be air conditioned at different times of the day. But with the latest software updates, it is now possible to change the mode, fan speed, and set point of your home ducted AC unit, and have it turn ON and OFF at different times. With the latest AirTouch 5, you can sequence your climate control preferences for the whole day. See how easy it is with the new tutorial video.

To Set a Program with AirTouch 5

  1. Open the Quick Menu and Select Programs
  2. Tap New Program
  3. Give the Program a memorable name, such as ‘School Day’
  4. Enter in an overall Start and End time for your program
  5. Adjust your Zone On/Off and AC unit configuration

For More Advanced Program Control

You can tap the 3 Dots button next to the Zone Configuration to have different zones turn ON or OFF at different times other than overall with the main program.

Handy Hint: If you are setting a program for normal work days, you can choose to have a program Exclude Public Holidays.

Tap the 3 Dots button next to the AC Unit Configuration to adjust the mode, fan speed and set point of the AC unit and adjust it during the program.

4 Responses

  1. hello.
    Airtouch 5
    I did NOT find anything about the batteries, (how long will last, how to charge the battery)
    Thank you

  2. Hi,
    I have set the programs and have assigned 3 different hot and cool temperates to different zones and timers, but it’s not working.
    Does the main control page need to be on for the programs to kick in or should the programs run on their own?
    If a zone on the main control page is turned on, does it override the program?

    1. Hi Vera, AirTouch 5 runs 1 program at 1 time. However, you can turn different rooms on or off, and adjust them with in it for different times. Think of it as a program within the program.

      Make a new program, say ‘Evening’ with a start and end time. Then, select the zones you want it to affect. But also, press the 3 little dots menu to the right of ‘Program Affects Zones’ so you can have different rooms turn on or off, and adjust them within the program’s time. Setup your days and AC unit settings.

      However, with 1 ducted AC unit, you can only 1 mode at a time. So it can’t cool 1 room and heat the other at the same time. It can cool 1 room, then turn off that room and then heat another though but it can’t produce cooled and warmed air at the same time.

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