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657263 Gateway for Fujitsu

Commissioning Notes

  1. Initialise the AC Unit with Fujitsu AC Wall Controller connected to set the required field settings. Then disconnect the AC wall controller if it’s not to be used.
  2. Plug the provided cable one end to CN65 on the indoor PCB and the other end to the gateway. Connect the A and B terminals on the gateway to the A and B terminals on AirTouch respectively. Ignore the SG terminal on the gateway. Have the dipswitches on the gateway set as S1: 00001010, S3:000 and S2 as per address in the table. Make sure all wires are connected properly.
  3. If AirTouch sensors are used for AC temperature control:
    1. Settings on the AC wall controller: Have the Fujitsu wall controller connected and set thermostat sensor to the remote controller (Go to Service->Function Setting, find Function No 42, and set its value to 01. Then go to Submenu and change “R. C. sensor control” from Off to On).
    2. Settings on the AirTouch console: Go to AC Setup in the Installer settings and select the proper temperature sensor for AC control. Fujitsu wall controller can be used with the gateway together. There is no setting for Master/Slave.
  4. Restart the AC and gateway first and then power up AirTouch or power them up at the same time.