Control & Convenience on Android driven Smart Home Technology

Experience the ultimate level of convenience, efficiency, and control in your home automation system with Android on AirTouch 5.

Welcome to the world of smart home technology, where everything is just a tap away. And AirTouch 5 embraces this when it comes to helping you manage your comfort at home. But you can also do all this while also enjoying the benefits of an Android operating system on your AirTouch 5 hub. This helps you enjoy more with other home automation apps in a central, easily accessible place.

With its crisp Android panel, you can access all your favourite home automation apps with just a tap of the AirTouch logo in the top left corner of the screen. This means that you can control everything from your lights and blinds to your security cameras and video doorbells all from one central location, conveniently through those devices apps that you may choose to install on Android on the AirTouch panel.*

When you add Zimi to your home, we’ll add the Zimi home and garage control app icons there automatically. Zimi is a great option for adding lighting, power points and more to your home in conjunction with AirTouch and lets you take control on your own terms. You can link various devices to a single switch, allowing you to turn on or off the hallway, lounge, and dining lights with a single tap. Via its app, Zimi empowers you to operate these remotely from any location.

But what’s impressive about AirTouch 5 is that it’s a Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified device. This means that it has passed a simple compatibility test and adheres to Google’s compatibility requirements for Android devices. As a result, you get to enjoy greater app reliability and continuity. This certification also ensures that you can access other Android apps, giving you more possibilities for your smart home.

But it’s not just about the apps, AirTouch 5’s user interface is a work of art. The sleek design and intuitive layout make it easy for anyone to control their home’s climate with just a few taps, which is AirTouch’s core purpose. The home AC user controls greet you as soon as you wake up the screen by tapping it. You can set individual temperatures for each room in your home, ensuring that everyone is comfortable no matter where they are.

The wall console has a built in webcam and mic. This allows for 2-way video conversations with third-party devices like video doorbells and security cameras. This feature is perfect for those who want to keep an eye on their home while they’re away or for those who want to answer the door without leaving the comfort of the couch.

With a privacy cover for peace of mind, you can enjoy the benefits of smart home technology without compromising your privacy, so you have that level of peace of mind.

One of the biggest advantages of having a device like the AirTouch 5 is its central location in your home. It offers a convenient and easy way to control all your smart home devices from one location, making it easy to customise and personalise your living space to your liking. You no longer have to worry about having to use multiple apps to control different devices, as the AirTouch 5 puts everything at your fingertips.

The nice large and clear touch screen makes it easy to navigate, and the ability to customise your home automation apps means that you can truly make it your own. We want it to be the perfect addition to any home.

It is easy to see how the AirTouch 5 can a game-changer for those who want to take control of their home’s climate with ease. Its custom Android panel and GMS certification ensure that users can enjoy greater app reliability and continuity. And with its sleek design and intuitive user interface, the AirTouch 5 is the perfect addition to any modern home. So why wait? Upgrade your home’s climate control system today with the AirTouch 5.

*Additional apps not pre-installed. Apps shown are for illustrative purposes only. All specifications and features are subject to change without notice. AirTouch may run on an Android operating system version that may affect the functionality of various apps. Users should check compatibility before use. AirTouch is unable to warrant functionality of 3rd party apps.

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