Kai Allen wins in Adelaide sponsored by AirTouch.

Celebrating Kai Allen’s Historic Triumph in Adelaide

AirTouch proudly celebrates the historic victory of 18-year-old Kai Allen, the youngest Dunlop Series Champion, at the Adelaide 500, embodying determination and excellence in a thrilling season finale.

In a spectacular display of skill and determination, Kai Allen, the Mount Gambier motorsport prodigy, sponsored by AirTouch, has etched his name in the annals of racing history. At just 18, Allen became the youngest champion ever to win the Dunlop Series Championship at the Adelaide 500. This victory is a phenomenal win for Allen and one of which he should be very proud. Our staff had a great time cheering him on at the racetrack and watching the AirTouch sponsored car move at high velocity with the logo emblazoned on the bonnet.

Allen’s journey to the championship was nothing short of cinematic. Trailing the Super2 championship leader, Zak Best, by a mere 30 points, Allen entered the Adelaide 500 with a fierce determination. Qualifying sixth for the first race and fourth for the final, he kept the pressure relentless. “You always want to be higher,” Allen remarked, and indeed, he soared.

Saturday’s race was a turning point. Allen’s brilliant third-place finish and Best’s penalty for a collision pushed Allen to the forefront. “We knew we had a good race car,” said Allen, and he proved it beyond doubt. The final race was a nail-biter. Despite Best finishing ahead, Allen’s strategic fourth place was enough to clinch the championship by a slender 6 points.

Our SA State Manager Roger Gameau said meeting up with Kai at the even was a “Proud Moment,” and he enjoyed the chat.

The victory was more than just a title; it was redemption. Last year, Allen narrowly missed the Super3 crown on these very streets. Now, he joins the esteemed ranks of Mark Winterbottom, Cam Waters, Scott McLaughlin, and Broc Feeney as a Super2 champion.

Allen’s journey to the top was laden with challenges, including a broken collarbone earlier in the year. But his resilience, mirrored by the unwavering support of Eggleston Motorsport and AirTouch and other sponsors, family and friends, saw him triumph. After his victory, an ecstatic Allen exclaimed, “Oh…that is unreal!” as he celebrated atop his car, a moment that will be etched in our hearts forever.

AirTouch is incredibly proud to sponsor a champion like Kai Allen. His victory at the Adelaide 500 is a reflection of our commitment to excellence and support for extraordinary talent. Our staff had a thrilling experience, cheering on Allen as he raced towards glory. We congratulate Kai Allen on his remarkable achievement and look forward to supporting him in his future endeavours as he continues to redefine the limits of motorsport.

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