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VAV Single Zone Switch

Perfect single zone solution with in built monitoring.

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The VAV from ZoneMaster is the perfect central control system for a single zone environment, such as open plan offices, cafes or restaurants. It offers a single point of control, and with a built-in temperature sensor can monitor and help you maintain room temperature within +/- 1°C.

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Key Features

  • Maintain room temperature within ±1 °C depending on environment.
  • Use of an on-board temperature sensor.
  • User-friendly temperature and clock setting.
  • Maximum air control override.
  • Manual and programming modes.
  • LCD indicator for parameters and status display.
  • Programmable minimum ventilation.
  • Easy cabling and commissioning.
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Zones 6 16 16
Zone labelling
Weekday, Saturday and Sunday programmeable timer
Periodic service reminders
Turbo zone
Able to control up to 2 AC units, suitable for all major brands
Designed for four favourite scenarios
Smart energy management
Phone app for ultimate control
Able to receive temperature alerts while you are away from home
In-built with RS-485 for future home automation
Individual Temperature Control (ITC)
Real time monitoring of room temperature
Child lock
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