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VAV Single Zone Switch

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Perfect single zone solution with in built monitoring.

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The VAV from ZoneMaster is the perfect central control system for a single zone environment, such as open plan offices, cafes or restaurants. It offers a single point of control, and with a built-in temperature sensor can monitor and help you maintain room temperature within +/- 1°C.

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Key Features

• Maintain room temperature within ±1 °C.
• Use of an on-board temperature sensor.
• User-friendly temperature and clock setting.
• Maximum air control override.
• Manual and programming modes.
• LCD indicator for parameters and status display.
• Programmable minimum ventilation.
• Easy cabling and commissioning.

  ZoneSwitch ZoneTouch AirTouch 2 AirTouch 4
Zones 6 16 16
Zone labelling
Weekday, Saturday and Sunday programmeable timer
Periodic service reminders
Turbo zone
Able to control up to 2 AC units, suitable for all major brands
Designed for four favourite scenarios
Smart energy management
iOS & Android App for ultimate control
Google Home Compatibility
Amazon Alexa Compatibility
IFTTT Compatibility
Open platform for more home automation apps
Able to receive temperature alerts while you are away from home
Individual Temperature Control (ITC)
Real time monitoring of room temperature
Child lock
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