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Installers' Introduction to AirTouch


Now Air Conditioning installers can offer a fully integrated zone management and AC unit control system. AirTouch adds value to any ducted reverse cycle system with a smart touch panel and remote app control. Through the control module hidden in the roof space, AirTouch regulates airflow by being connected to Polyaire's range of dampers.


Mounting The AirTouch Panel to a Wall


The AirTouch panel is wall mounted. It is easy to install by screwing the mounting bracket to a wall, and then the touch panel clicks, and locks into place. If ever you need to remove the panel, simply push upwards on it from the base.


Balancing Ducted Air Conditioning with AirTouch


AirTouch makes balancing ducted air conditioning zones easy, with an easy balance feature in the installer settings on the touch screen. No need to manually adjust air dampers now, all you need to do is visit the wall mounted touch screen! Chris shows you how to do it in this video.


Configuring AirTouch Temperature Sensors


For AirTouch to work correctly, it needs to monitor temperatures. It does this in real time, through either a sensor in the touch pad, a return air sensor, or if the user has opted for the Individual Temperature Control (ITC) feature, wireless sensors around the house.


Wiring up AirTouch - The Smart Air Conditioning Controller


Wiring each module of the AirTouch system is easy. AirTouch uses simple latch type cables for power and communications. Chris goes into all the necessary details in this video.


Connecting AirTouch to WiFi


One of the great features about AirTouch, is the AirTouch app. For this to work, AirTouch needs a connection to the internet via WiFi. It is easy to connect the AirTouch system to WiFi, Chris shows you how it is done in this video.