Demonstration videos to help you get the most from AirTouch's features.

We want you to enjoy using your new controller, and so produce these quick demo videos to help you get started quickly. Let us know if there are any other topics that you would like us to cover to help you with using our systems.

Using AirTouch 2 Plus

Showing you round the interface

Got a new AirTouch 2 Plus and want to have a quick tour of the interface? See how easy it is to change the mode, temperature and fan speed of your ducted air conditioning with this smart controller.

Connecting to WiFi

Connect your AirTouch 2 Plus to WiFi and enjoy app control of your home climate. Once connected, you can manage your comfort at home with the AirTouch app over WiFi, or over the internet when you are away so you can always monitor home temperature and come home to a comfortable house.

Setting the Quick Timer

Have you tried the Quick Timer with AirTouch 2 Plus yet? See how to set your time to turn on our off your AC when it is convenient for you.

Have you opened the Quick Menu?

Personalise AirTouch 2 Plus for your home. See how easy it is to rename zones on your AirTouch screen to make it a part of your home.

Using AirTouch 4

Renaming your Zones

It’s easy to personalise AirTouch 4 to make it your own: In this tutorial, see how to rename zone names to suit your home and family. It is possible to rename zones either on the touch screen console or the app.

Setting the Quick Timer

Try the Quick Timer Function to create a quick countdown to turn on or off your home AC with AirTouch 4 with Firmware version 1.0.6 or above.

The Quick Timer is easy to access by pressing and holding the power button at the top of the touchscreen console to make it appear. See how easy it is to set a new timer with less taps than before.

Setting up Favourites

Have a preference for the climate control at different times of the day and want to activate it quickly? With AirTouch, it is possible to setup 4 favourite scenarios so you can activate your favourite climate control settings with just one tap.

Software Updates

We are always adding new features to make you a little more comfortable. You can update to make sure your system is always the very latest by following the notification with the little red dot when a new software update is available.