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Benefits of Individual Temperature Control (ITC)

If you've been having issues with rooms which are always warmer or colder than others are in your home, then owning an air control system equipped with individual temperature sensors could well be an ideal solution.

Whatever the reason may be for those rooms having temperatures that are out of sync, such as the sun hitting them at a certain time, warm cooking, or other activities, ITC technology gives temperature feedback to AirTouch so that it can react appropriately, to keep you comfortable, and provide more efficient management of the airflow in your house, which in the long run can save you money and help with energy conservation.

When the sun comes out, AirTouch shines

itc individual temperature control diagram600x485With other air conditioning control systems, the temperature sensor is often in just one obscure location. And there is only one of them, making it impossible for your system to monitor the temperature throughout your home such as in individual zones.  

AirTouch Solves the Problem

We recommend expanding your air conditioning system to include AirTouch’s optional Individual Temperature Control (ITC) sensors to actively monitor temperature changes around your home and adjust airflow accordingly.

So when the sun comes out and warms up rooms on one side of your house, your AirTouch will adjust the airflow for the relevant rooms to maintain temperature, and not waste air on rooms already comfortable.

AirTouch’s ITC system can save you money, and also offer you real peace of mind when used in the baby’s room as you can check they are not getting too hot or cold.

Smart, discrete temperature sensors

at4 itc sensor

The Individual Temperature Control sensors themselves are wireless and battery powered. They work like thermostats, and monitor the temperature of each room or zone in your house.

Your AirTouch system receives the information from them, and responds by adjusting airflow where necessary to help maintain your chosen set point temperature for each zone. You can also check up the temperature of each zone from the touch panel or app.

With AirTouch 4, the wireless sensors double as On/Off switches for each zone.