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How AirTouch can Work for You

AirTouch can replace your air conditioner's wall controller and lets you control your set point temperature, turn on or off different air conditioning zones, manage airflow and monitor temperatures throughout your house both at a touch screen panel or with the app. All of AirTouch's components work together to deliver a range of features to give you a great climate control solution.

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When you choose AirTouch, you have the choice to control 1 to 4 separate air conditioning units in your home from 1 or 2 panels in different locations. Ideal if you have a large or double storey house. From your AirTouch panel/s, you can specify the set point temperature, mode, and fan speed of your AC unit, and personalise the names of each of the individual AC zones to suit your family lifestyle. 

As AirTouch lets you control up to 16 zones, you’ll never have to compromise by merging rooms together into 1 zone, so you avoid wasting any conditioned air in unused space, and everyone enjoys their own individual airflow. 

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AirTouch can easily become part of any home

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AirTouch’s interface is smart and easily personalised, so if you only want to use a few zones, that’s easy and your installer can help personalise the screen to suit your home.

Behind the scenes, AirTouch regulates airflow through your air ducts with a series of damper systems that open and close to let air pass through. The damper movement is so precise that with AirTouch 4, they can open and close in small movements to let you control your airflow in 5% increments.

Automating Climate Control

With AirTouch’s timer functions, you can setup your air conditioning system to cool down or warm up your whole house or just individual zones for you without you having to reach for the panel or the app. Learn More.

Monitoring Temperature and Solving Problems


AirTouch 4 lets you monitor the temperature in each zone around your home with the optional Wireless Individual Temperature Control (ITC) Sensors. These discrete components work like thermostats and report the temperature back to your AirTouch unit.

With many air conditioning installations, the single temperature sensor is just in one obscure location. During the day, different areas of your house can warm up from factors outside of your control. The sun can be hitting one side of your house making the rooms in that area warmer. If those rooms have an ITC Sensor reporting back to AirTouch, AirTouch will adjust those rooms’ airflow to maintain your specified temperature, while not wasting air by sending more to rooms that are already comfortable.

Connected with a new Air Conditioning App

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AirTouch communicates directly with your air conditioning unit, and from your panel gives you control and monitoring, but you can also do this through the app. Supporting the latest in wireless technology, AirTouch can join your home WiFi network for control from your smart device. When you download the AirTouch App you can turn zones on or off, adjust their airflow or temperature from your smartphone or tablet via WiFi when you are at home, or via a secure connection over the internet when you are away. When you are away from home, you can choose to receive temperature alerts from your house straight to your phone. 


The technology behind AirTouch lets everyone enjoy their own individual temperature in their own zone. The AirTouch App lets everyone control the air conditioning from their smart device, so now, everyone can retreat to their own zone, set and enjoy their own individual temperature.