Google Home Air Conditioning Control

Now you can control the air conditioning by voice!

Google Home Air Conditioning Control

Now you can control the air conditioning by voice!

With AirTouch, you can control the air conditioning using the Google Assistant on your compatible smartphone, or Google Home smart speaker.

Ok Google, Turn on the Air Conditioning

Meet your Google Assistant. Your own personal Google, always ready to help. Now, when linked to AirTouch, you can ask it to take care of your home’s climate.

Google Home and Google Assistant

The Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant from Google available on Android 6.0+, as a standalone app on iOS 9.0+ devices, and the range of Google Home and Google Home Mini smart speakers.

With the home control features of Google Assistant, you can now control your home air conditioning through it when it is setup to communicate with your AirTouch device.

Just start with ‘Hey Google’

A truly smart home automation system should put you in control of your comfort, without any complicated technology getting in the way.

Hey Google, turn on the air conditioning downstairs*

Ok Google, cool down the living room**

Ok Google, set the kitchen to 24 degrees**

Turning the air conditioning on or off with Google Assistant linked to your AirTouch is just the beginning. Ask it to turn on or off the airflow in individual zones; to warm them up or cool them down; or find out what temperature they are at.**

Not sure if you left the air conditioning running when you left for work?
Ask Google to check for you… you can even ask Google to turn your air conditioner on again when you are on your way home.

No additional hardware for AirTouch is needed other than a WiFi connection with always available internet. Just setup through the Google Assistant/Google Home Apps, and each air conditioning zone and your unit/s will appear in the Home control menu. From there, you can control your air conditioning by voice from your Google Assistant on your smartphone or Google Home smart speaker, as well as check the status.

Setting Up

Download the setup instructions.

*Requires that you name your AC unit with AirTouch Downstairs.
**Requires optional ITC Sensors with AirTouch 4.