AirTouch 2

Staying cool is easy with AirTouch 2

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AirTouch 2 is a solution for the control of your air conditioning unit, and zone management throughout your home. With a smart touch panel and easy to use app for control from anywhere, it covers all your air conditioning control needs.

As well as being a smart controller for your AC system throughout your home, AirTouch 2 enables you to control your air conditioning system using a smart phone or tablet from anywhere, anytime. All you need is WiFi, or a 3G/4G network and you’ll be able to manage the air flow and comfort levels of each room individually for maximum efficiency, personal comfort and cost savings.


The AirTouch 2 is an integrated system which allows you to adjust the air distribution to any room you choose in 10% increments for maximum efficiency. What this means is that your whole family can be comfortable even if they are in different rooms at the same time. The AirTouch 2 was created to allow you to control two units and up to 16 zones from a central point in your home which in the long run ensures a more maintained system.

Smart Apps

Just to make life even more convenient for you, we have also designed the AirTouch 2 phone app for Android, iPhone and Tablet users to give you unequalled control over the amount of air flow delivered to all parts of your home, from wherever you are. 

It is so easy

Once your AirTouch system has been installed with your air conditioning system, simply connect the operating module to your WiFi network, download the App and you’re ready to go!

AirTouch 2 System  
Item # Description
657208 AirTouch 2 Touchpad
657209 AirTouch 2 Main Module
657210 AirTouch 2 Extension Board
657154 NEAT 24V Transformer (2 Amp)
657095 Control Cable 12M
657096 Data Cable 12M
657110 Zm On/Off AC Cable
657211 Zm Gateway Cable
  ZoneSwitch ZoneTouch AirTouch 2 AirTouch 3
Zones 6 16 16
Zone labelling
Weekday, Saturday and Sunday programmeable timer
Periodic service reminders
Turbo zone
Able to control up to 2 AC units, suitable for all major brands
Designed for four favourite scenarios
Smart energy management
Phone App for ultimate control
Able to receive temperature alerts while you are away from home
In-built with RS-485 for future home automation
Individual Temperature Control (ITC)
Real time monitoring of room temperature
Child lock
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