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A Day with AirTouch

AirTouch can slot into many households, work with many air conditioners, and is personalisable.

Good Morning!

AirTouch has been maintaining the airflow throughout the bedroom AC zones to keep you comfortable while you sleep. You can set a program to make the living areas comfortable before you wake up.

family happy inlineOff to School and Work

It has been a busy morning, and by the time you get to work, you want to check if you remembered to turn off the air conditioning. No one is home, but that isn’t a problem. On the AirTouch App, you can check, and turn it off if you need to. 

Coming Home

You’ve got a timer set on AirTouch to turn on and make the house comfortable before you arrive home with the kids from school on a warm day.

But if you don’t set a timer, AirTouch 4 will still look after you and your family:

at4 temp alert article

On an unexpectedly very hot day, AirTouch 4 has sent you an alert direct to your phone while you are away that the temperature at home is rising and giving you the ability to cool it down before you arrive.

There are a lot of home automation systems out there for multiple or all aspects of your home living. But they can get expensive or a frustrating "Jack of all Trades". AirTouch on the other hand is the Master of Air Control.

Designed in Australia for our extreme conditions, AirTouch is a cost effective and simple but most importantly reliable system to manage your air conditioning and keep your whole family comfortable.

Isn’t that what’s essential?