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AirTouch Smart Air Conditioning Controllers

State of the art climate control. Ever dreamt of having total control over your ducted reverse cycle air conditioner? Say Hello to AirTouch, for smart control of your home's air conditioning, from anywhere.

Comfort & Efficiency

Compatible with leading brands, AirTouch is a smart air conditioning controller that lets you manage temperatures and airflow in up to 16 zones and up to 4 independent AC units from a touch screen, your mobile or tablet via WiFi or the internet. Sit back, relax and let AirTouch take care of your home's climate control, making you more comfortable and helping save energy.

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Smartphone & Tablet Integration  Control 4 AC Units & up to 16 Zones Superior Safety Features Smart Energy Management

AirTouch 4

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Enhance your Air Conditioning

With an 8" HD display, AirTouch 4 is a smart controller giving you control of the home climate from one amazing looking touch screen, smartphone app or just your voice with open assistants like Google and Amazon.

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Everyone is Comfortable  Control up to 4 Units Integrates how you want Smart Home Automation

Voice Control

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Just say the word and your comfort is AirTouch's command.

"Ok Google, Turn on the Air Conditioning"...

..."Hey Alexa, cool down the family room." 

AirTouch makes it easy to control and monitor your home climate with your Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker. 

Setting up AirTouch to work with smart assistants is a straight forward process:

Simply link AirTouch to your Google Assistant with your Google Account or add it as a new skill to Amazon Alexa.

Smart Design

AirTouch 4 features a new interface design for the wall mounted console, plus app for iOS and Android. With a fresh, modern look that makes sense straight away with familiar controls, it celebrates the Australian climate through its design while also letting you enjoy your perfect climate at home. Learn more.

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AirTouch 2

Staying cool is easy with AirTouch 2.

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Turbo Zone Programmable Timer

• One device to control multiple AC units and zoning.
• Control airflow in 10% increments in 16 Zones.
• WiFi for control through the AirTouch App.
• Works with the Google Assistant - Learn More
• Works with Amazon Alexa - Learn More

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Making your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible can be a challenge, but AirTouch is a simple solution to the problem.

If your home is like most, temperatures can fluctuate from one room to the next because of sunlight, room activity or other factors. 

No two houses are the same, but AirTouch is an air conditioner control system designed to be adaptable to many different house designs, geographic locations and family lifestyles.

How it Works

AirTouch works in a very unique way, it sends all available capacity of cool or heated air to areas that are occupied and shuts off unused zones enabling it to reach the set point temperature where it is needed faster and more economically.

It allows you to adjust the airflow going into each room in small increments or even change the temperature throughout the house or in specific areas with just a few taps on the wall panel or from your phone or tablet.

AirTouch is also equipped with a Turbo Zone function which is useful when you have a large gathering of people to direct more air to a specific area faster. Learn more.

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Phone & Tablet App for ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ Control of your System

We’ve designed an app for Apple iOS and Google Android so you can control your home air conditioning system anytime, anywhere as long as you have a WiFi or 3G/4G connection. 

With this kind of convenience, you can even switch on, adjust the temperature and monitor your air conditioning while you’re away, even before you get home so you arrive to a cool (or warm) atmosphere all using the AirTouch App

Making your comfort so easy

Don't feel like getting up from your comfy spot to adjust the temperature?

No Problem.

Want to get the cooling running before you get home so you can walk into a nice cool house?

No Problem.

Want to receive temperature and usage alerts away from home?

No problem.

Our AirTouch App was designed to be a problem solver for the modern household, letting anyone with a smart device set their own personal comfort level in the area they are using.

All specifications and features are subject to change without notice.