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Air Control Systems

What sets AirTouch apart from other home automation products is that it doesn’t try to be a ‘Jack of all Trades’, but is a Master of Air Control. Now that's smart!

Smart Air Control Systems for Australian Homes 


AirTouch is a leading smart air control system that was developed after extensive research into different homes across Australia. We live in a country with different climates across all states, so it stands to reason that an air control system has to cope with this.

Our systems are designed for work for Australian homes, coping with the needs of Australian lifestyles. Just as importantly, they add value to your home as a stylish hi-tech piece of home automation.

Knowledge and Research

From new and established family homes in Perth and Adelaide, suburban Melbourne, stunning Sydney Harbour mansions, tropical Queensland properties, and outback homestead renovations our design team researched it all.

The end result is not only a smart air system which can cope with homes of different sizes, styles and locations across Australia, but more importantly, is flexible and adaptable to handle the needs of different families in different climates.

Quality and Support

AirTouch is designed and distributed by Polyaire, a family owned business which has now expanded to more than 20 distribution and manufacturing centres across the country. By manufacturing premium quality products of great value, we want all Australian homes which the products go into to receive the very best.

The Master of Air Control

This and a lot more has set AirTouch apart from other home automation products: It doesn’t try to be a ‘Jack of all Trades’, but more of a Master of Air Control. Our top priority is always about providing quality and support to comfort your family.

An App to control Air Conditioning

That's right, there is an app for that now! When you install an AirTouch panel to control your air conditioner, you get the iOS or Android app for your families' smartphones and tablets. Now, in individual zones, everyone can control their temperature and airflow to their liking. And you can monitor usage and and control your system when you are away from home. Learn more.